Folsom Lake, Photo Copyright 2021, Scolopendra Empire Inc

As the Western United States faces another drought, ECOS is collecting information vital to keeping up with local impacts.

What are the current daily average temperature and river flows in the lower American River?

Click here (and scroll down) for a map updated with real time information on the Sacramento Water Forum website.

When Should You Water?

Not sure when you’re supposed to be watering? If you live in the Sacramento region, just check the map on the Be Water Smart website! It’s easy!

California calls for more local water conservation

March 29, 2022

Californians will be asked to further cut back on their water use, state officials said Monday as they warned water scarcity will shape the future of the drought-stricken state.

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As drought deepens, Californians are saving less water

March 15, 2022

California will end winter in a perilous position as record-shattering dryness converges with lagging water conservation efforts in nearly every part of the state, officials said Tuesday.

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A ‘thirsty’ atmosphere is propelling Northern California’s drought into the record books

September 25, 2021

Increasing evaporative demand is escalating summertime drought severity in California and the West, according to climate researchers.

The West’s historic drought in 3 maps

August 26, 2021

Nearly 90% of the state of California is in extreme or exceptional drought … As the planet warms, drought and extreme heat will also fuel deadly wildfires.

The Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta watershed got better protection today as the drought intensifies.

August 3, 2021

California regulators cut off thousands of farmers from their main irrigation supplies Tuesday, banning them from pulling water from the state’s main rivers and streams as the drought worsens.

The drought is different this time. Everyone in the Sacramento region must conserve water.

July 31, 2021

California is in the grip of another extreme drought. The consequences can be seen all over the Sacramento region and, unfortunately, the worst is yet to come.

– ECOS Board President Ralph Propper, and Tom Gray

Making the Best of the Poor Conditions in This Critically Dry Year

July 23, 2021

Severe drought conditions are back in California. Unfortunately, that means the Lower American River is headed into what may be some of the worst summer conditions we’ve seen on the river in recent memory.

I won’t sugarcoat it. Conditions in the river will be bad. However, the Water Forum and our partners are working hard to ensure conditions are as good as they can possibly be, and to minimize harm to fish and habitat.

– Jessica Law, Executive Director, Sacramento Water Forum

Sacramento Region Supports Governor’s Call for Conservation

July 2021

ECOS, as a Water Forum signatory, is working in concert with all of the Forum members to address the current drought. Unfortunately higher temperatures and periods of drought are increasing in the Sacramento region and we have to prepare for them. This press release has some important water saving actions you can take and here is another one that will contribute to our current drought situation and the future impacts of climate change as well.

Tree-Mendous Tips for Watering Your Trees

July 2021

Do you LOVE trees? Do you get nutty over walnut trees? Weepy at the sight of a willow? Want to cuddle with a conifer Be Water Smart wants YOU to make sure our urban forest stays with us for generations to come, even as climate change is projected to bring more frequent drought years. Here are some tips for efficiently watering your trees when the weather is dry, and be sure to visit sactree.com to learn even more about caring for trees!

Western Soils and Plants are Parched

June 2021

For the second year in a row, drought has parched much of the United States from the Rocky Mountains to the Pacific Coast. Following one of the planet’s warmest years on record, and with precipitation this year well below average in the western U.S., scientists and government agencies are watching for diminished water resources and potentially severe fire seasons.

Drought Conditions and the Sacramento Water Forum

June 2021

Habitat 2020 hosted a presentation/discussion led by Jessica Law, Executive Director of the Sacramento Water Forum.

Jessica’s presentation was focused on the projected conditions of the Folsom Reservoir and the American River as we move through the current drought year and what these conditions portend for the Lower American River, the fisheries in it, and the environment around it.