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Trees for Sacramento is a group of community members formed to promote a strong tree ordinance with City Staff and Council members. It’s been found from comparing studies in the 1990s to today that Sacramento City has been losing tree canopy. Our current Urban Forestry Management Plan (adopted in 1994) measured Sacramento’s tree canopy at 28 percent and it set a goal of 50 percent canopy cover.  Today, Sacramento’s tree canopy is measured as 23.66, more than a 15 percent decline.  This decline occurred despite thousands of new trees being planted.

Past Work

Fact Sheet

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Community Letter

Click here for the July 2016 community letter.

Click here for the February 3, 2016 community letter.


California’s Street Trees Are Worth About $1 Billion – City Lab
If the state has a better grasp on the dividends it reaps from trees, it might support investing in them.
By Laura Bliss, June 15, 2016

Don’t mess around with trees – Sac Bee
The City of Trees should be very careful about changing the tree ordinance.
By Foon Rhee, January 13, 2016

Other cities have found ways to create more transparency and better monitoring by citizens. For example, in Portland:
Tree loss spurs Portland residents to action
Tree Project Oversight Advisory Committee

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Get in touch with the Trees4Sacramento coalition by emailing them at trees4sacto [at] sbcglobal [dot] net.

Visit the Trees4Sacramento facebook page at

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