The Dragon-Powered School Bus

The Dragon-Powered School Bus: A Courageous Fight to Clean the Air Kindle Edition

Henry loves showing Miss Leona his Dragon-Style Battle Cards. But asthma attacks are keeping him out of school. Is the smoke from her bus making it worse? They’ll teach others about the benefits of clean electric buses, and create positive change for the health of their community. But you have to believe…

This heart-warming story will help 2nd-4th graders learn about asthma, how EVs and renewable energy can help the environment, and that caring, committed people can change the world.

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The EV Transition in Sacramento – Obstacles and Opportunities 5/31

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ECOS MTG / BOARD, May 31, 2023, 6:00 pm

LINK to join: ECOS ZOOM 6656164155 or call: 1 669 900 6833, Mtg ID: 665 616 4155

Featuring: The EV Transition in Sacramento – Obstacles and Opportunities

How do EVs fit into overall climate action to reduce carbon emissions? Is there a build-out plan for EV charging infrastructure? Who sets the price of electricity at the charger? How will people with lower incomes transition to EVs?

Presented by Sacramento Electric Vehicle Association

  • Thomas Hall, executive director of CleanStart, a regional non-profit, accelerating the energy transition. He is also an analyst at Clean Edge, curating clean tech indexes.
  • Cynthia Shallit, urban planner trained at UC Berkeley; recently retired from SHRA redevelopment and affordable housing projects group. She is involved in state and local politics related to global warming and gun control, and is working with a number of non-profit organizations in Sacramento on local climate action plans and state climate legislation.
  • Dwight MacCurdy, recently retired from SMUD Electric Transportation R&D group. He works with SacEV Association, Sacramento Clean Cities Coalition and EV Charging for All Coalition.

Click here for the agenda in PDF.

Home Energy Savings Expo plus Electric Vehicle Ride and Drive, June 25

June 25, 2022 — 10:00am to 4:00pm
The Center at District56, 8230 Civic Center Drive

  • Learn how to save money and reduce emissions!
  • Kid activities
  • Experts talk about sustainable landscaping
  • Test drive and receive a free lunch voucher
  • Information on:
    • Financing options
    • Induction stoves
    • The benefits of trees and the Free Shade Tree program
    • Sustainable landscaping
    • Solar installation and battery storage
    • Whole house fans
    • Energy efficient appliances

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Building codes changing for new apartments (EV infrastructure)

Conveniently charging cheaply at home is a major benefit of owning an EV, but home charging isn’t possible for many who live in multi-family housing. Last month, California’s CalGreen Building Code Commission voted unanimously to increase EV charging infrastructure in new apartments, condos, hotels, motels and non-residential parking garages (workplaces, commercial sites, etc.).

The new building codes include more ambitious “Tier 1” and “Tier 2” requirements that cities can easily adopt if they wish to. Previously to accelerate EV adoption, particularly in underserved communities, Sacramento has supported the more aggressive Tier 2 requirements. Sacramento should continue this direction with the new CalGreen Tier 2 requirements in new construction. These are:

  • Hotels, Motels, Apartments, Condos with less than 20 units: 40% of parking spaces have EV infrastructure
  • Hotels, Motels, Apartments, Condos with 20 or more units: 55% of parking spaces have EV infrastructure
  • Non-Residential: 45% of parking spaces have EV infrastructure

These start January 1, 2023 for all new California construction. See a summary of the new building codes here.

Does apartment or condo living discourage EV ownership?

January 2022

From the Sacramento Electric Vehicle Association, a member organization of ECOS

Charging an EV can be challenging for someone living in an apartment or condo. If you have put off buying an EV because you live in multifamily housing, or if you’ve had difficulty with charging an EV in that environment, please tell us about your experiences and perspectives. We’re gathering the information to help us advocate for more charging infrastructure in multifamily housing. Contact us at news[at]SacEV[dot]org.

black high rise building under grey and white sky during night time

Local Development and EV Charging Stations – Dec 13

Join ECOS Monday December 13, 2021 at 6:00pm for one or both of the discussions on our agenda:

  • A review of active development projects in the Sacramento area, and discussion of whether ECOS should support or oppose any of them
  • Proposed state and local zoning changes to assure enough electric vehicle charging stations will be available in new multi-family housing, with a presentation by Guy Hall, President of SacEV

Click here for the agenda.

Click here to join this Zoom meeting.