ECOS’ Comments on the Delta Tunnels

This comment letter is not intended to be exhaustive as pertains the myriad of problems with the tunnels project now reborn as “California WaterFix,” but rather it is intended for us to officially go on the record opposing this project because of the enormous deleterious environmental impacts in our region, and because of the inadequate analysis in the RDEIR/SDEIS as well as the inadequate avoidance, mitigation and and minimization measures proposed to address those impacts.



2015 10 oct 30 BDCP comments image

See our comments submitted on October 30, 2015 by clicking on the letter above or here.



2015 11 Nov 8 CA Water fix comments image

See our comments submitted on November 8, 2015 by clicking on the letter above or here.

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Sacramento City Council passes urban farm tax break ordinance

August 7, 2015

KCRA Channel 3

Now, there is another way people can make a little money — or at least, save a little money — by growing their own food. It comes in the form of a tax break being offered by the Sacramento City Council.

The council passed an ordinance Thursday that will give tax breaks of hundreds of dollars to people who turn vacant lots into urban farms.

The idea is to reduce blight and increase access to fresh produce in underserved communities.

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As West Nile season heats up, do does mosquito spraying

July 30, 2015

The Sacramento Bee

With the deadly West Nile virus season heating up, state and local health officials are again battling the disease with an unusual arsenal of tiny fish, dead birds and plump chickens.

That trio, part of a years-long, multipronged approach to squashing West Nile, helps health officials identify the mosquito “hot spots” that need ground or aerial spraying.

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