Serve Food at Sacramento Earth Day

Photo by Natesa Richardson

Food Vendors 

We love offering a diverse, plant-based cuisine at Sacramento Earth Day each year. Only vegan food (no meat or dairy products) may be served. Liability insurance and food sellers permit are required. The registration fee is $250 or less, depending on what type of permit you have already.

• Sacramento Earth Day will take place RAIN or SHINE: no refunds will be given.
• Have all vehicles out of Southside Park and be ready for Food Inspector by 10:00 A.M.
• No specific booth locations can be guaranteed (e.g., shady or sunny spot).
• All packaging, and serving material must be recyclable or compostable (no styrofoam).
• A handwashing station is required if non-prepackaged foods will be handled (including samples).

Please send your check for $250, along with your completed Registration Form, to:

Sacramento Earth Day (ECOS), PO Box 1526, Sacramento CA 95812-1526

Submit this form to ECOS no later than March 15 to be included in our program.

For more information, contact Glenn at sacveggie[at]gmail[dot]com or 916-716-1048.