Reserve a Table at Sacramento Earth Day

Be a BUILD GREEN Exhibitor or Vendor!

We invite non-profits, for-profits, governmental jurisdictions, state agencies, elected officials, artists, craftspersons, food vendors, and anyone who values sustainability.

  • climate action
  • training for green jobs
  • building your own green network
  • land use and transportation planning
  • transit
  • affordable housing
  • environmental justice
  • park planning
  • native plantings
  • carbon-zero buildings
  • renewable energy
  • regional water and habitat planning
  • voting
  • state, local, and regional governance
  • human rights
  • health and human services

Detailed Park Plan

Simplified Park Plan


You are responsible for reading and understanding these terms. They apply to all exhibitors and vendors.

  • Read the Terms and Additional Terms.
  • Fill out the Exhibitor/Vendor Agreement.
  • Proceed to InstantSeats to select your table/booth location in Southside Park.
  • Questions? Contact Susan at 202-747-4087
General Conditions
  • Register early. Table/booth locations are available on a first-come, first-served basis. After you register, promptly email to your ECOS Support Team member the materials required by your exhibitor or vendor type.
  • Sacramento Earth Day will take place rain or shine. Bring your own tent or sunshade. Your location may not be in shade.
  • Refunds will not be given unless a cancellation request is received by ECOS on Sunday noon a week before the event, or the event is cancelled by the City or County of Sacramento.
  • ECOS provides general liability insurance for the event. We do not provide automobile insurance for event participants.
  • A certificate of liability insurance for $1,000,000, naming as an additional insured, the Environmental Council of Sacramento, PO Box 1526, Sacramento, CA 95812, is required for exhibitors and vendors of the following: food and ingestible items; food serving products; live creatures such as bats, birds, insects, spiders, dogs; and body and personal care products such as gels, shampoos, creams, soaps, ointments, lip balms.
  • Vendor insurance can be obtained for about $50 from and other insurers.
Frequently Asked Questions for more information.
Set-up and other Logistics
  • ECOS provides each Exhibitor/Vendor with a 30″ x 8′ table and two folding chairs and a space of approximately 20′ x 20′. You may bring additional tables and chairs provided that you don’t exceed your assigned space. Your table and chairs will be waiting for you at your location. NO STAKING of the ground is allowed by City rules.
  • Your set-up must be complete by 11:00 am. ECOS will email all Exhibitors and Vendors a week before the event to confirm your table/booth location, and provide you with your time of arrival for set-up.
  • Design your exhibit to be carried by handcart or golf cart to your table. If you can walk your display materials to your location, you may set up any time after 8:30 a.m.
  • On the morning of the event, set-up will be done in three stages at 8:30, 9:20, and 10:00 am, based on location within Southside Park. ECOS will provide volunteer-driven golf cart transport services from the curbside at the 6th and U Street vehicle entrance to the park, to assist you. If you must bring a vehicle into to the park for unloading, be prepared to present your proof of car insurance and current registration.
ECOS Support Team:
  • Sponsor Support, General Info: Alexandra Reagan office[at]ecosacramento[dot]net 916-765-4977
  • Exhibitor/Vendor Support: Susan Herre susanherre[at]gmail[dot]com 202-747-4087
  • MC and Music Performer Support: Michael O‚ÄôSullivan milos[at]surewest[dot]net 916-501-7384
  • Food Vendor Support: Glenn Destatte sacveggie[at]gmail[dot]com 916-716-1048

Additional Terms

Information Exhibitors – $35 plus svc chg
  • Nonprofit organizations as well as government agencies and elected officials, whose mission is compatible with that of ECOS, are invited to provide the public with information on the range of issues related to sustainability, the environment, and quality of life in Sacramento County.
  • Email to ECOS a certificate of liability insurance if required by Terms.
Commercial Vendors – $120 plus svc chg
  • Commercial vendors of environmentally-protective products that provide healthy choices or sustainable practices are invited to show and sell at Sacramento Earth Day. Commercial vendors must include a website URL in the registration form to allow ECOS to verify the environmental pedigree of your products. If your application is declined based on our requirements you will receive a refund of the registration fee, not including the service charge.
  • Email to ECOS your City of Sac Business Operations Tax Certificate. Contact City Rev. Dept (916-808-8500); and a certificate of liability insurance if required by Terms.

Arts & Crafts Vendors – $70 plus svc chg
  • Arts and crafts vendors of hand-made products are invited! Incorporating recycled materials is great. Mass-produced goods such as jewelry, clothing, toys, and decorations are not allowed. Registrants that are declined based on these requirements will receive refunds of the registration fee, not including the service charge.
  • Email to ECOS photographs of your products and certificate of liability insurance if required by Terms.
Food Vendors and those offering edible samples
  • Food vendors who offer plant-based vegan food (no meat or dairy) are invited to participate. A handwashing station is required if non-prepackaged foods will be handled (including samples).
  • Food vendors and any exhibitor or vendor that offers food samples or ingestibles such as vitamins, supplements, powder mixes, and candies, are required to email a copy to ECOS of your City of Sac Business Operations Tax Certificate. Contact City Rev. Dept (916-808-8500); a certificate of liability insurance; and a food permit from the County of Sac. Environmental Management Dept.
  • Food Vendors – use this form: Food Vendor Registration Form