Exhibit at Earth Day

Photo by Tony Alosi

Host a Table!

ECOS encourages the participation of all people and groups who support the spirit of Earth Day. We reserve the right, however, to decline the registration of any exhibitor whose message or products we consider incompatible with the spirit of Earth Day.

There are two ways to get a table at Sacramento Earth day:

1. You can be a sponsor and you will receive a complimentary table as part of your Sponsor Benefits. Click here for the information on how you can become a sponsor and what levels of sponsorship are available.

2. You can register to reserve a table without being a sponsor, using the “Reserve a Table” button, below. Once on the page, click the “Get Tickets” button on the right.

Early online registration is encouraged. Table locations are available on a first come, first serve basis. We will provide each registered exhibitor with a 3′ x 8′ table and two folding chairs. You can bring additional tables and chairs of your choosing, provided that you don’t exceed the 20′ x 20′ space we reserve for each vendor site. In fact, since only about 30% of the tables sites will be in the shade throughout our event at Southside Park, we urge you to bring a tent or canopy for shade.

Please note: Liability insurance may be required for interactive activity. See more information about insurance below.

So, which would you like to do?

Get a Table as an Event Sponsor

Every Sponsor of Sacramento Earth Day is entitled to a complimentary table at the Earth Day celebration. Learn how to become a sponsor by clicking here.

Get a Table Without Sponsoring

Three types of table spaces are available:

• Information/Display Exhibitor

Cost: $30 (plus a small service fee of $1.30 charged by the registration website, InstantSeats)
Nonprofit organizations whose mission is compatible with that of the Environmental Council of Sacramento (ECOS), government agencies, and elected officials are encouraged to join us in providing public information and education on the range of issues impacting environmental attributes and the quality of life in Sacramento County. Incidental sales of non-food items by nonprofit exhibitors are allowed only if all sales revenues go to the nonprofit organization and the primary activity at the event is distribution of public information related to the mission of the organization. Sales of raffle tickets are prohibited by park regulations. Liability insurance may be required for activities or demonstrations that involve uncaged wild animals or physical interaction with event attendees.

• Crafts Exhibitor

Cost: $60 (plus a small service fee of $1.60 charged by the registration website, InstantSeats).
Artists or associates selling exclusively hand-made items, especially those using recycled materials, are sought for our event. Photographs of product displays are required to be emailed our exhibitor support team at sacearthdayexhibitors[at]gmail[dot]com at the time of registration. Mass-produced goods for personal use, such as jewelry, clothing, toys, and household decorations, are not allowed for sale at our event. Registrants whose applications are declined based on these requirements will receive full refunds of registration fees.

• Commercial Exhibitor

Cost: $120 (plus a small service fee of $2.20 charged by the registration website, InstantSeats)
Manufacturers of environmentally-protective products that provide alternative choices to consumers are welcome to show, demonstrate, and sell their products at our event. Please include a website address in the registration application to allow us to verify the environmental pedigree of each product offered. Distributors of personal care products marketed through direct sales organizations must provide evidence of product listing by a third party environmental certification program such as Green Seal (www.greenseal.org). Registrants whose applications are declined based on our requirements will receive full refunds of registration fees.

Children’s Area

You or your organization may want to have your table/display in our Children’s Area (on the west side of the central grassy area by the main stage). If so, please fill out this application and submit it using the instructions on the form.

Food Vendors

If you are a business interested in selling food at Sacramento Earth Day, please go to our Food Vendor page by clicking here.

Note:  Unless you are a food vendor, the City of Sacramento prohibits giving out any type of sample that can be ingested. This is punishable by a fine by the city. If you are selling or sampling any product to the public that can be ingested in any way (including but not limited to vitamins, supplements, powder mixes, pre-packaged, etc), you must have a food permit from the Environmental Management Department of Sacramento and register as a Food Vendor.

 Click here to learn more about becoming a food vendor.


ECOS provides general liability insurance for the Earth Day event. If you intend to serve food, exhibit uncaged wild animals, or engage in hands-on interaction with event attendees, please review our insurance requirements. If you are unsure about whether these requirements apply to your Sacramento Earth Day participation, contact our exhibitor support team at earlwithycombe[at]gmail[dot]com or 916-505-3489. If these requirements do apply to you, please describe the activities in the “Exhibit Description” box on the online registration form, and fill out and return the Insurance Form to ECOS.

Vehicles on Site

We have been asked by City Parks to continue minimizing the number of vehicles driving into and within the park to transport display materials. As a result, we will again provide free transportation for exhibit materials from the curb at the 6th and U Street access point to exhibit tables by volunteer-driven golf carts. As before, we will be staging exhibit setup over three time intervals on the morning of the event in order to minimize in-park traffic congestion. More information and instructions on this schedule will be provided to all exhibitors by email a few days prior to April 28.

ECOS does not provide automobile insurance for event participants. If you wish to bring a vehicle on-site (e.g. for loading purposes) you need to carry proof of insurance in the vehicle and provide it to us upon request. We will permit vehicles with valid registrations to temporarily access the Park and will refuse access to any vehicle not displaying a current registration sticker.

Need More Information?

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions about your table or placement, please contact our exhibitor support team at earlwithycombe[at]gmail[dot]com or 916-505-3489

General Questions about ECOS or Sacramento Earth Day: Alexandra Reagan office.ecosacramento.net

Questions about the Children’s Area or Food Vendors: Glenn Destatte sacveggie[at]gmail[dot]com or 916-716-1048.

Questions about Musical Perfomances: Michael O’Sullivan at milos[at]surewest[dot]net.

Thank you for your interest and we look forward to seeing you at Sacramento Earth Day!