Sacramento Earth Day

Thank you to our 2023 sponsors!

Welcome to Sacramento Earth Day 2024 by ECOS!

Sacramento Earth Day is the largest Earth Day celebration in the Sacramento region. It’s free, at Southside Park in Sacramento, and it provides thousands of attendees with opportunities to learn and network about sustainability. ECOS has hosted Sacramento Earth Day since 2006.

Our 2024 theme is GREEN BUILDING. This theme is . . .

From its inception in 1970, Earth Day was meant to move public opinion toward more environmental protection, to mobilize against environmental assaults to air, water, and land, and to grow voters.

Progress has been made however the challenge of climate change today is huge. Let’s use this Sacramento Earth Day to network and learn about Green Building in all of its aspects, as it is key to reducing GHG and VMT in our region.

Let’s also enjoy Sacramento Earth Day. It’s good for the family, people of all ages. It’s a party!

In 2023, our theme was GROW NATIVE.

This theme was about expanding the use of native plants in our region, in city streetscapes and home landscapes – how they withstand drought and heat conditions; use little water; provide a beneficial habitat to insects, pollinators, birds, and animals; create sustainable, cool, and shady streetscapes, as well as beautiful home landscapes.

Experts on native plant gardening and water usage were available to advise. People were able to see and touch examples of local native plant communities and learn about growing conditions. Nurseries with plants for sale were on site. Experts were on hand to answer gardening questions.

  • On the central green in Southside Park, experts advised on native plants, water conservation, and streetscape/landscape techniques. Nurseries had native plants for sale.
  • In addition, more than 150 exhibitors provided information on climate change, air quality, transportation and land use planning, green building, environmental justice, renewable energy, water policy, and habitat conservation. Others showcased voting, human rights, health and human services, religion, and arts and crafts.
  • Exhibitors included non-profits, governmental jurisdictions, agencies, and elected officials, crafts persons, for-profit companies that value sustainability, healthy food vendors, electric vehicles, and the Sacramento Public Library for children’s books — many available to discuss career and employment opportunities in their fields.
  • Sacramento Regional Transit provided free rides to/from the park, and Sacramento Area Bicycle Advocates offered bike valet services.
  • The Sacramento Electric Vehicle Association displayed 20 EVs, e-motorcycles, and electric pickup trucks, and discussed how to use an EV to backup your home power.

Food & Mood in 2023

Plant-based (Vegan Cuisine

KC Kombucha
D&R Delights
What’s Happening
Dirt Bag Tea
1837 Vegan
Starlight Pizza
Vegan Plate
Yolanda’s Tamales
Upper Crust Bakery

Live Music

11:00am Fenix Drum and Dance Company
Afro Cuban drum and dance company
Fenix is a company specializing in dance and drumming from West Africa, the Congo, and the Caribbean. Their high energy, multi generational, multi ethnic group highlights the richness and complexity of the African diaspora.

12:00pm SteadyDrop
SteadyDrop has been captivating audiences with their soulful melodies, tight rhythms, and infectious energy. With a sound that’s both familiar and fresh, SteadyDrop is quickly establishing themselves as one of the most exciting new acts in the world of reggae music. Keep an eye out for their upcoming releases and catch them live!

1pm Dean Haakenson of Be Brave Bold Robot
“Nearly impossible to pigeonhole, Be Brave Bold Robot has been described as “riding the edge between dynamic complexity and straightforward rock … something akin to the Counting Crows covering Frank Zappa, or Calexico performing the collected works of Les Claypool.” Front man Dean Haakenson’s lyrics can be quirky and unpredictable or “so crystal clear and beautiful, its as if someone put Kurt Vonnegut stories to music.” Every time we’ve heard BBBR in concert, we’ve been both interested and intrigued. As SNR reviewer Christian Kiefer put it, “This is good music, and you should hear it.”

2:00pm The James Israel Band
This is rock band for singer/songwriter James Israel. They have a sound reminiscent of Bob Dylan, Neil Young and at times, the Grateful Dead.

3:00pm Kindred Spirits
A classic rock style band with original songs and a warm sound.

Fly ’em High!

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Sunday, April 23, 2023, at Southside Park, Sacramento, 11:00 am – 4:00 pm

Use our hashtag! #SacEarthDay

Please check this page regularly for updates as Sacramento Earth Day draws nearer.

Please note that if you attend this event your photo, or video of you, may be taken and used by ECOS for promotional purposes.

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