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Environmental Abbreviations

ECOS has compiled a list of abbreviations often used in the environmental field. 

Tools for Environmental Action

Active Design Guidelines

Climate Change, Explained in One Simple Comic, from xkcd

California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), from Wikipedia

CEQA Process Flow Chart, from Wikipedia

CalEnviroScreen 3.0

California Healthy Places Index

Environmental Abbreviations, compiled by ECOS

Groundwater Sustainability Plans in the Sacramento Region

How Did We Get Here? A graphic novel by the Building Healthy Communities Sacramento Hub about race, class, transportation, land use, and housing policies in South Sacramento

Metropolitan Transportation Plan/Sustainable Communities Strategy (MTP/SCS) Executive Summary 2016 of the Sacramento Area Council of Governments

Land Use, from Wikipedia

Land Zoning, from Wikipedia

Local Agency Formation Commission, from Wikipedia

Sacramento Area Council of Governments (SACOG)

Sustainable Communities and Climate Protection Act of 2008 (Senate Bill 375) from Wikipedia

The City of Sacramento’s Climate Action Plan

The Urban Land Institute of Sacramento

Urban Growth Boundaries, from Wikipedia