Networking Hour: Women in Environment

July 9, 2020 @ 5:30 pm – 6:30 pm
Online Event


Although we are eager to bring back in-person events where we can safely shake hands and exchange business cards with new contacts, the virtual setting offers a great opportunity to meet AWWEE members no matter their location.

While “women in environment” is our focus for this networking hour, all are welcome to participate.

Registration for networking hour events is free and open to anyone. Please RSVP below so we can send you the link to join.

What to Expect
Everyone will be asked to enable their webcam and keep their line on mute when it is not their turn to speak

Each participant will have a minute or two (depending on attendance) to introduce themselves to the group
What you do

Plus responses to at least one of these questions:
What can you offer to the AWWEE community?
What support can the AWWEE community provide you?
What is the most positive result you’ve noticed from the shelter-in-place order?

After their turn, each participant will be asked to use the chat to share how they prefer others to get in touch with them and their contact information (email, phone, LinkedIn profile, etc.)

Organizers will compile the contact information shared and distribute it after the event

How to Make the Most of the Event
Prepare Your Introduction
Have your introduction prepared in advance so that you can be present to others as they introduce themselves. Decide how you’d like other participants to connect with you (email, phone, LinkedIn, etc.) and have that information ready to share in the chat.

Bring a Positive Attitude and Avoid NegativityTreat this virtual event like you would an in-person networking mixer. Come with a positive attitude and excited to meet new people. Even though you’ll only have a couple of minutes to introduce yourself, remember you’re making an impression and let your personality shine through.

Plan Ahead to Follow up After
Think about what type of connections you’d like to make. As participants introduce themselves, make a note of who you’d like to follow up with directly and any specific questions you have for them.

Connect Others
If there are other people in your network who you think would be valuable to connect with a participant in the networking hour, make the introduction.

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Networking Hour: Women in Environment