Day of Sharing, July 2020

July 11, 2020 @ 9:00 am – 11:00 am
BodyTribe Fitness


Once more, we band together to help our homeless neighbors on a Saturday morning. We’ll mask up and take all precautions.

We’re again collecting donations, and then assembling care packages, for our friends and neighbors who don’t have a permanent home and are living on the streets. BodyTribe is in a neighborhood bookended by two shelters, and over the 4 years in our current location, we’ve watched the homeless community grow throughout the neighborhood, and we’ve come to know many of the folks currently living in tents, in their cars, or simply the patch of ground they call a bed for the night. .

They can use a hand whenever possible. So we’re organizing an effort to put together at least 50 care packages, each with food, a pair of socks, water and hopefully even more. We’ll post an expanded list soon, with exact specifications of what we’ll need. One thing is for sure… we’ll be making a lot of PB and J sandwiches. These are always a success. So were the homemade burritos last time.

You can join us the day of to help build, and then distribute, the packages, or feel free to donate beforehand, either money or anything from the list below.

Let’s make a happy Saturday morning for everyone involved. I hope you’ll join us. Contact Chip Conrad or Rob Meyer here on the ol’ Facebook with questions or ideas.

Pairs of socks
Fruit Cups
(Other food ideas that are easy on dental work)
Peanut Butter
Honey or Jelly
Breakfast bars
Feminine hygiene products

What other ideas might you have?

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Day of Sharing, July 2020