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Annual Report 2022

As we approach the end of the year, we give thanks to Mother Earth for her beauty and relative stability. We reflect upon global and national efforts to fight climate change, and we pledge to do more locally.

Over this past year, ECOS worked to further the sustainability of our land, water, and air in the Sacramento region. As we have for many years, we leveraged our advocacy efforts by relying upon our partners and member organizations for their expertise and good will.

In 2023, we pledge to collaborate again, and support our major jurisdictions and transit agency as they develop programs of projects for streetscape infrastructure, transportation, and green building to address climate change and take advantage of federal funding now available. With the climate crisis escalating, we will strive to be even more effective in our advocacy, to persuade our elected leaders to take bold steps to reduce GHG emissions fast. We seek your help. Please join us and share your time and talents.

Link to complete Annual Report 2022 including these topics, plus financial report:

  • Climate action
  • Measure A
  • Affordable living
  • Induced travel demand analysis
  • Natomas projects
  • Work by the water and habitat committees