Bee’s Concern with County’s Poor Planning

By Tom Philp, October 24, 2023, SacBee

The Bee Rejects Suburban Housing Plans. An October opinion piece in the Bee states the Sacramento region has already approved more suburban projects than the region will need for the next generation.

It is time for supervisors to think far more strategically about growth. They must acknowledge that there can only be so much growth and what growth is approved must happen in a way that minimizes congestion and maximizes affordable housing and transit opportunities. Otherwise, it simply doesn’t make sense for the Sacramento County of today.

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The widening of I-80 works against California’s climate goals 

By Stephen M. Wheeler and Barbara Leary, Special to the Bee | October 17, 2023 | The Sacramento Bee

If we want to know why our state’s transportation-related greenhouse gas emissions have risen since the early 2010s, a good place to look is Caltrans. The agency has long been fixated on widening roads and creating “induced demand” which has led to more driving. Currently, this cycle continues through the agency’s questionable efforts to create additional lanes on the I-80 Yolo Bypass causeway leading into Sacramento. And recently, a high-level administrator was demoted after attempting to stop such actions.

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Controversy engulfs Causeway project

Monica Stark, The Davis Enterprise, October 15, 2023

“‘It’s been pretty obvious to me just from observing the ‘rehabilitation’ project that it was doing the sort of deep roadbed work needed for widening,’ Stephen Wheeler, UC Davis professor of human ecology, said…”

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Editorial: California’s transportation spending doesn’t match its climate promises, LA Times, October 10, 2023

California leaders talk a good game on fighting climate change. But when it comes to cutting the state’s biggest source of planet-warming emissions — cars, trucks, airplanes and other modes of transportation — the spending doesn’t match the rhetoric.

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Join us online at 6pm on Thursday, Oct. 19 for the ECOS Climate Committee Meeting, where we will be joined by Jeanie Ward-Waller, former Caltrans’ Deputy Director of Planning and Modal Programs. Jeanie Ward-Waller was demoted last month, after she notified Caltrans officials that she would file a whistleblower complaint about Sacramento-area highway expansion projects allegedly circumventing environmental rules.

Valley Clean Energy’s Board commits to goal of 100% renewable electricity by 2030 as it celebrates 5 years of service

September 2023

Valley Clean Energy’s Board of Directors has set the ambitious goal of ensuring 100% of the electricity used by customers comes from renewable and carbon-free sources by the year 2030 while maintaining affordable rates. This goal surpasses that of state mandates and PG&E clean energy objectives.

We would like to share a press release regarding this newly adopted goal of 100% renewable and carbon-free energy by 2030. This year marks VCE’s 5-year milestone and the organization has already set recognizable precedence for their commitment to delivering clean energy throughout their territory.

To learn more about the impact Valley Clean Energy has had in the past five years and the projected impact to come by 2030, please see the press release here.

Gov. Newsom says he’ll sign Sen. Scott Wiener’s greenhouse gas emissions disclosure bill

By Jenavieve Hatch | September 17, 2023 | The Sacramento Bee

While Newsom made his announcement in New York, hundreds of climate activists in Sacramento demonstrated against fossil fuels. Protesters spoke in Old Sacramento to call on Newsom and President Joe Biden to stop approvals of oil drilling permits and declare a climate emergency. The demonstrators then marched across Tower Bridge, where they hung an enormous yellow banner that read “Biden-Newsom: End Fossil Fuels.”

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