Farmland is worth saving

“Farmland is worth saving for the farmers, the food, climate change and the species that live and forage there.”

What people value — 2023 Valley Vision Livability Poll

Sacramentans listed open space as the top reason they like living here.  We are so lucky to be the close in habitat and farmland along our rivers and in Natomas, serving us, migrating birds, and our local endangered species.  

“Natural spaces, trails, and community assets make the Sacramento region special. In the 2023 poll (and the polls dating back to 2017), people most value the natural places in our region, including parks, trails, waterfronts, and open space.” — 2023 Valley Vision Livability Poll

Farm to Fork without the farms?

“You can’t have Farm to Fork without the farms. The fertile farmland of Natomas is productive, beautiful and worth saving for us and the other species who live and forage there.”