Residents Invited to View City’s Initial ‘Transportation Priorities Plan’ at These Two Meetings

August 17, 2022 – From the City Express, the news website for the City of Sacramento government

The City of Sacramento has reached phase two of its Transportation Priorities Plan and unveiled the initial project prioritization. Community members are invited to two virtual meetings on Aug. 24 and 27 to learn more and provide feedback.

The Department of Public Works in 2021 began working on the first-of-its-kind priorities plan and engaged communities to hear about their transportation values and gather input on recommendations.

“When it comes to investing in transportation, we wanted to know what matters most to Sacramento’s communities,” Transportation Planning Manager Jennifer Donlon Wyant said. “The input in phase one has allowed us to conduct the initial prioritization of the over 700 approved transportation projects in the City.”

Throughout 2021 and in early 2022, staff engaged communities through virtual gatherings, surveys, a youth-focused program and meetings with local organizations.

In March 2022, City Council adopted a set of criteria and process to prioritize the transportation investments based on those community values. This prioritization is needed because there are many transportation needs and the majority of transportation funding is from competitive grants, officials said.

It is estimated the City would need about $5 billion to complete all of the identified transportation improvements and maintenance projects.

The criteria approved by Council include: improve air quality, climate and health; provide equitable investment; provide access to destinations; improve transportation safety; and fix and maintain the transportation system.

Staff used this criteria to prioritize approved transportation projects. Projects that best meet community values are considered high priority projects. Medium priority are projects that meet some community values but not all. Lower priority projects do not align well with community values for transportation investment.

“As we move into phase two, we’re excited and ready to share the initial prioritization and hear from our communities,” Donlon Wyant said.

Residents can learn more about the initial prioritization and share input in many ways.

  • Register for a virtual gathering session (6 p.m. Aug. 24 or 10 a.m. Aug. 27)
  • Complete a comment form, available in multiple languages
  • Provide feedback on an online map, available in multiple languages
  • Meet the team at community events across the city throughout August

Installation of Irrigation on nine (9) Acres of land at Discovery Park

On August 5, 2022, ECOS sent a letter to Sacramento County Supervisor Don Nottoli regarding the installation of irrigation on nine (9) acres of land at Discovery Park.

Below is an excerpt of our letter.

We are writing to suggest a different strategy than is currently being worked on by the County Parks Department for the subject Discovery Park project. We agree with the Save the American River Association that given the drought and the expected continued pressure on water resources due to climate change, it makes little sense to be installing additional landscaping that requires more water before a comprehensive audit of the Parks landscape water needs and resources is conducted. We do support the County Parks Department’s effort to use local native grasses for the nine-acre project. Therefore, we offer a two-step process that will accomplish our mutual objectives without permanently increasing landscape water requirements in the park.

Click here to read the letter in full.

ECOS Climate Committee Meeting

August 11, 2022, 6 PM

Sacramento’s Transportation Priorities Plan (TPP) Phase 2

What are the City of Sacramento’s priorities to control the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions?

Jennifer Donlon Wyant, Transportation Planning Manager, City of Sacramento, will review TPP Phase 1 (which compiled a list of Transportation Values based on community input), and present Phase 2 — which applied these values to over 700 city planned projects. The final prioritization will guide City investments in transportation.

The City’s Transportation Planning team develops mobility and corridor/area plans and manages micro-mobility and transportation demand.

Plus Updates:

Sacramento County Climate Action Plan
Todd Smith, County Planning Director, will update us on the final draft to be released soon.

Sacramento County Climate Emergency Mobilization Task Force
On August 8, the Board of Supervisors is scheduled to appoint 13 members to the task force.
John Lundgren, County Sustainability Manager

City of Sacramento Preliminary Climate Action Plan
Comments were due July 31, with a full draft plan (and General Plan) expected this Fall.
Jennifer Venema, City Climate Action Lead

Environmentalist of the Year – Request for Nominations

ECOS is requesting your nominations for Environmentalist of the Year 2022. Since 1973 ECOS has honored local persons, groups, businesses and innovations with this award. Perhaps you recall an event in the past year or so which you were taken with. Then think of the people or group which made that positive impact. Or maybe someone did something you thought particularly noteworthy. Here is your opportunity to have that recognized. Please submit your nomination by filling out this form or by emailing office[at]ecosacramento[dot]net.

Please include with your nomination, your reason why you feel it is worthy and contact information. We appreciate and will consider all nominations. Thank you in advance for your time and effort.

The deadline to make nominations is August 12, 2022.

The Inflation Reduction Act

From the Citizens’ Climate Lobby Sacramento Chapter, July 29, 2022:

Fellow Climate Advocates –

Again, there is a climate bill in Congress – The Energy Security and Climate Change Investments in the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 – the Inflation Reduction Act for short.

We have waited a long time for a climate bill and endured several false starts in the past year. This bill is not perfect, but it has many good things in it for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Passage by August 6, 2022 is critical before the Congressional August Recess and before campaign season ramps up.

The bill includes– a fee on methane – one of the worst greenhouse gases. It would put about $385 billion into combating climate change and bolstering U.S. energy production through changes that would encourage nearly the whole economy to cut carbon emissions. It is the most significant investment in climate action the US has ever taken. And, it could be our last chance for several years to pass strong climate legislation.

The Washington Post has an excellent analysis of the bill. Note the column on the right of the article which allows you to skip to the topics that interest you.

Please take action. Write your Senators and member of the House. Tell them to pass this bill. Ask your friends with Democratic Senators to do the same – particularly if they live in Arizona!

For those of you who are focused on the County CAP and City CAAP – there is funding for that affects us locally: $260 billion in clean-energy tax credits, $80 billion in rebates for EVs, new and used (tied to annual income), and $20 billion for agriculture subsidies to help farmers reduce emissions.

Take Action – Call or write your Senators and member of the House today. The vote could be next week. Go here to a CCL website that helps you with a script, FAQs and can identify your senator and member of the House of Representative for you:

You can also google them and write through their government emails.

Possible text – feel free to customize and say why you are passionate about climate change.

I’m a constituent and a voter. I’m writing to urge you to support and vote for the Inflation Reduction Act that — when enacted — will make historic investments in clean energy and will finally put America on the path to reducing greenhouse gas emissions in line with America’s Paris commitment. The quality of life of my children and grandchildren, and yours – depend on it.

PS. Do not allow the Perfect to be the Enemy of the Good. Yes, there is a gift in the bill to the fossil fuel industry. BUT – The bill that can pass is the best one. And we are out of time. Out of time in Congress. Out of time in California. Out of time on Earth.

Write today and call on Monday. Thank you.

Edith Thacher

Chapter Lead, Citizens’ Climate Lobby Sacramento/Roseville