SacMoves Coalition Comments to Sacramento Transportation Authority

December 12, 2019

The Sacramento Transportation Authority (STA) is working to put together a new transportation measure for our region. This month, they’re drafting the Transportation Expenditure Plan scheduled for the November 2020 ballot. ECOS has been a part of the SacMoves Coalition, which joined with SMART to develop a framework for the STA. Below is an excerpt from the document:

Sacramento County should have an innovative, seamless and diversified transportation network that offers a wide range of accessible, affordable and efficient mobility choices coupled with supportive land uses. The County’s transportation system should strengthen and diversify our economy, improve our air quality, and reduce carbon emissions and vehicle miles traveled by minimizing single occupancy vehicle trips, expanding and improving public transit and shared mobility services and providing safe access for bicyclists and pedestrians. All community members, particularly from marginalized communities, should have access to sustainable and affordable mobility options that facilitate positive community outcomes for public health and safety, livability and economic vitality. In short, virtually all Sacramento County residents should have the option of living and working within walking distance or a transit stop from everything they need.

Click here to view entire document.

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Arco Arena Reuse Comments

On December 9th, ECOS/Habitat 2020 partnered with Sacramento Heron and Egret Rescue to submit comments to the city regarding the Arco Arena Reuse Plan. Below is an excerpt from the letter:

The ideas presented in the PUD completely ignore that there is a fully functioning aquatic resource (the Sleep Train Arena pond) in the Plan area that is currently providing habitat and nesting opportunities for hundreds of waterfowl.  The PUD presents a completely people oriented urban landscape without any consideration for the local species that we share the region with.  This paradigm ignores the appeal that such an aquatic resource would have for the new residents of the project area.  It also demonstrates a lack of creativity because it is not even considered for use as part of the drainage basins that the Plan area will need to include.  The grassy-sloped drainage basin depicted in the PUD, with anticipated residents recreating there, presents a vastly inferior option to a biologically dynamic pond supporting a large healthy nesting population of herons, egrets, cormorants, and other local avian species.

If this pond is eliminated, the over 1,000 herons and egrets that nest from April to August each year would very likely move to the surrounding neighborhoods to roost and nest, creating issues for residents and businesses. This would also result in hundreds of injured baby birds each year that would greatly strain local wildlife rescues, which are doing the work that our local shelters would otherwise be dealing with. The pond would provide the area with a nature viewing experience that would serve as a recreational and educational opportunity. It would allow residents access to nearby nature, which has been shown by research to have mental health benefits.

Here is the PDF link to the full comments.

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Environmentalists Holiday Party – Dec. 15

The Sierra Club Sacramento Group and the Environmental Council of Sacramento invite you to join us in celebrating the winter holidays!

Date: Sunday, December 15, 2019
Time: 2:00 – 4:00 pm
Place: Curtis Hall, inside the Sierra 2 Community Center, at 2791 24th Street, Sacramento

Click here to buy tickets.

Take a break from the hectic holidays and join us for an afternoon of catching up with our environmental community friends and sharing some treats and beverages.

We will be providing a Chili and Nacho bar with vegan chili. Please bring a finger food treat – savory or sweet to share! The clubs will provide some wine and sparkling water.

We are collecting a $10 donation to cover our costs, room rental, refreshments for our social and educational events. You can purchase a ticket via the Eventbrite ticket link below OR pay at the door – **cash only at the door. If you plan to pay at the door, please RSVP “going” on the Facebook page so we can plan for food and drink for all.

We will also be having a silent auction so if you’d like to donate an item, please send an email to sacramentosierraclub [at] gmail [dot] com. Proceeds will go to the groups to support our various efforts.

If you have any questions please contact us at sacramentosierraclub [at] gmail [dot] com.

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