Environmentalist of the Year Awards

Make the 2022 EOY Awards memorable

Enjoy, have dinner, talk with friends and colleagues, and learn more about the important work of the award recipients, our partner organizations, and ECOS.

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$250 Ansel Adams
$500 George Washington Carver
$1000 Rachel Carson
$2500+ John Muir

ECOS has been hosting the Environmentalist of the Year (EOY) Awards since 1973. This year, we are hosting the 2022 EOY Awards as an in-person event. Please join us on Tuesday November 15, 2022 at Curtis Hall, Sierra 2 Center, Sacramento 95818.

  • 5:30 pm Social
  • 6:45 pm Dinner and awards

The EOY Awards enable us to honor local leaders for their work in sustainability. ECOS has honored those who have achieved more affordable and equitable transit-oriented communities, less sprawl, more habitat protection, and cleaner air and water. Today, with climate change, these same objectives, as well as electrification and clean energy sources, are what we must achieve to make the transition to carbon neutrality. The 2022 awardees will be selected with our climate challenge in mind.

Roughly quoting Sir David Attenborough, we must all change what we do, where and how we build, what we eat, what we cultivate, and really, what we like, so we can be healthier and happier.

  • EVENT TICKETS are $30 online, and $35 at the door. Join us for a memorable time.
  • BECOME A SPONSOR at levels from $250 to $2500. Sponsorships are tax-deductible. For questions contact office[at]ecosacramento[dot]net.
  • NOMINATE SOMEONE FOR EOY until Sept 4. Past EOY awardees have been citizen activists, professors, students, elected officials, governmental and agency staff, business and labor leaders, scientists, lawyers, developers, planners, and architects.

Tour of Water Forum Habitat Project at Lower Sailor Bar

Please join us for a tour of the Water Forum’s 2022 Habitat Project at Lower Sailor Bar to learn about and see the work underway to enhance crucial habitat for native fall-run Chinook salmon and steelhead trout in the Lower American River.

Project teams are currently working in the river, laying thousands of cubic feet of clean gravel for salmon and steelhead to create redds (nests). They are also carving side channels into the existing gravel bar to create places for young fish to hide from predators, provide shade, and a place for insects to grow for feeding the fish and many other Parkway species.

Tours offer an opportunity to see construction in the river up close, learn project details and ask questions of the project manager. Guests can expect walk to walk about a mile to and around the construction site. The tour meeting location will be provided several days before the tour (TBD based upon construction activity).

Tours are free but a reservation/ticket is required.

There are a few slots left for August 19, 9 – 11am.

Click here to register.

Installation of Irrigation on nine (9) Acres of land at Discovery Park

On August 5, 2022, ECOS sent a letter to Sacramento County Supervisor Don Nottoli regarding the installation of irrigation on nine (9) acres of land at Discovery Park.

Below is an excerpt of our letter.

We are writing to suggest a different strategy than is currently being worked on by the County Parks Department for the subject Discovery Park project. We agree with the Save the American River Association that given the drought and the expected continued pressure on water resources due to climate change, it makes little sense to be installing additional landscaping that requires more water before a comprehensive audit of the Parks landscape water needs and resources is conducted. We do support the County Parks Department’s effort to use local native grasses for the nine-acre project. Therefore, we offer a two-step process that will accomplish our mutual objectives without permanently increasing landscape water requirements in the park.

Click here to read the letter in full.

ECOS Climate Committee Meeting

August 11, 2022, 6 PM

Sacramento’s Transportation Priorities Plan (TPP) Phase 2

What are the City of Sacramento’s priorities to control the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions?

Jennifer Donlon Wyant, Transportation Planning Manager, City of Sacramento, will review TPP Phase 1 (which compiled a list of Transportation Values based on community input), and present Phase 2 — which applied these values to over 700 city planned projects. The final prioritization will guide City investments in transportation.

The City’s Transportation Planning team develops mobility and corridor/area plans and manages micro-mobility and transportation demand. www.SacTransportation.org

Plus Updates:

Sacramento County Climate Action Plan
Todd Smith, County Planning Director, will update us on the final draft to be released soon.

Sacramento County Climate Emergency Mobilization Task Force
On August 8, the Board of Supervisors is scheduled to appoint 13 members to the task force.
John Lundgren, County Sustainability Manager

City of Sacramento Preliminary Climate Action Plan
Comments were due July 31, with a full draft plan (and General Plan) expected this Fall.
Jennifer Venema, City Climate Action Lead

Environmentalist of the Year – Request for Nominations

ECOS is requesting your nominations for Environmentalist of the Year 2022. Since 1973 ECOS has honored local persons, groups, businesses and innovations with this award. Perhaps you recall an event in the past year or so which you were taken with. Then think of the people or group which made that positive impact. Or maybe someone did something you thought particularly noteworthy. Here is your opportunity to have that recognized. Please submit your nomination by filling out this form or by emailing office[at]ecosacramento[dot]net.

Please include with your nomination, your reason why you feel it is worthy and contact information. We appreciate and will consider all nominations. Thank you in advance for your time and effort.

The deadline to make nominations is August 12, 2022.