Organizational Memberships

The Environmental Council of Sacramento seeks to actively recruit organizations of all types in joining our coalition of organizations. The more partners we have, the better we can achieve our mission to achieve regional and community sustainability and a healthy environment for existing and future residents. By working proactively with our members, member organizations, local government, and community groups, ECOS energizes and bring positive change to the Sacramento region as we strive to develop thriving communities. 

Qualifications for becoming an organizational member

Voting or­ganizational members shall be those or­ganizations that:

  1. are recognized en­tities that have been organized and have been in existence for at least 12 months;
  2. have at least 50 members, or if it is a non-member­ship organiza­tion, have at least 50 individual contributors or donors; and
  3. have been determined by the ECOS Board of Direc­tors to have a substantial interest in the protection and enhancement of the environmental quality of Sacramento County and the greater Sacramento metropolitan area consistent with the stated purposes and ob­jectives of ECOS.

Benefits of being an organizational member of ECOS

  • Voting representation on the ECOS Board of Directors
  • Support and resources of the ECOS coalition and network
  • partnership with ECOS and our other member organizations
  • Distribution of your announcements and alerts via ECOS website, social and email newsletter
  • Increasing community engagement
  • Recognition of your organization as a steward for the environment

How to Apply

Organizations interested in joining ECOS can complete and the application in writing to the Board of Directors of ECOS, setting forth their qualifications and submitting their annual dues with their membership application. If membership is not accepted, the dues will be refunded.


Membership fees are due annually in January, and are dependent on your organization’s annual budget. Below are the three tiers of dues.

  • Tier 1: For organizations with an annual budget of less than $10,000, dues are $100 per year.
  • Tier 2: For organizations with an annual budget between $10,000 and $250,000, dues are $200 per year.
  • Tier 3: For organizations with an annual budget of more than $250,000, dues are $300 per year.

Pay the appropriate dues level by clicking here and entering the correct amount per the tiers above. Please remember to enter the reason for your payment in the memo field, for example: Member Org dues for [Your Organization’s Name]


If you would rather pay by check, please click here to download a form that you can print, fill out and mail back to ECOS with your check, payable to ECOS.

Environmental Council of Sacramento
P.O. Box 1526
Sacramento, CA 95812-1526