Environmental Acronyms

Environmental Acronyms Used in the Sacramento Region

AB = Assembly Bill

ABAG = Association of Bay Area Governments

ACHP = Advisory Council on Historic Preservation

ACL = Administrative Civil Liability

ACT = Agency Coordinating Team (CALFED)

ACWA = Association of California Water Agencies

ADA = Americans With Disabilities Act

AF (or Af) = Acre-foot/acre-feet

AFA = Acre-Feet annually

AFB = Air Force Base

AFRP = Anadromous Fish Restoration Program (or plan)

AFT = American Farmland Trust

AFY = Acre-Feet Per Year

AG = Attorney General

ALJ = Administrative Law Judge

AMI = Average Median Income

A-OS = Agriculture-Open Space

APE = Area of Potential Effects

APM = Administrative Procedures Manual

AQ = Air Quality

AQMP = Air Quality Management Plan

ARAR = Applicable or Relevant and Appropriate Requirements

ARB = Air Resources Board

ARWRI = American River Water Resources Investigation

ASBS = Areas of Special Biological Significance

ASIP = Action Specific Implementation Plan

ASIWPCA = Association of State and Interstate Water Pollution Control Administrators

ASPIS = Abandoned Site Program Information System

ASTM = American Standard for Testing Materials

AWMC = Agricultural Water Management Council

AWQC = Areas of Water Quality Concern

B/C = Benefit-to-cost (ratio)

BAT = Best Available Technology

BCDC = San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission

BCP = Budget Change Proposal

BDAC = Bay-Delta Advisory Council

BDCP = Bay-Delta Conservation Plan

BDO = Board, Department or Office within Cal/EPA

BDPAC = Bay-Delta Public Advisory Council

BERC = Business Environmental Resource Center

BFE = Base Flood Elevations

BLM = Bureau of Land Management

BMP = Best Management Practice

BOD = Biochemical Oxygen Demand

BOF = Board of Forestry

BPT = Best Practicable Control Technology currently available

BPTCP = Bay Protection and Toxic Cleanup Program

BTEX = benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene, and xylenes

BTU = British Thermal Unit

BWFS = Basin-wide Feasibility Studies

C&DO = Cease and Desist Order

CAA = Cleanup and Abatement Account

CAA = Consolidated Appropriations Act

CADA = Capitol Area Development Authority

CAF = Confined Animal Facilities (such as dairies and feedlots)

CAFO = Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations

CAL FIRE = California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection

Cal/EPA = California Environmental Protection Agency

Cal-ARP = California Accidental Release Prevention

CALFED = CALFED Bay-Delta Program — state (CAL) and federal (FED) agencies participating in Bay-Delta Accord

CALFED = State-Federal Program focusing on Bay-Delta issues

CALFED ROD = CALFED Bay-Delta Program Record of Decision

CALPIRG = California Public Interest Research Group

CalTrans = California Department of Transportation

CAO (also C&A) = Cleanup and Abatement Order (Water Code Section 13304)

CAP = Climate Action Plan

CAPS = California Association of Professional Scientists

CARB = California Air Resources Board

CASA = California Association of Sanitation Agencies

CBA = Community Benefits Agreement

CBC = California Building Code

CBD = Central Business District

CBDA = California Bay-Delta Authority

CBE = Citizens for a Better Environment

CCAA = California Clean Air Act

CCC = California Coastal Commission

CCCP = Central City Community Plan

CCMP = Comprehensive conservation and management plan (CALFED)

CCR = California Code of Regulations

CCUDG = Central City Urban Design Guidelines

CDFW = California Department of Fish and Wildlife

CEC = California Energy Commission

CEQA = California Environmental Quality Act

CESA = California Endangered Species Act

CFR = Code of Federal regulations

CFS = Cubic feet per second

CH4 = methane

CHP = California Highway Patrol

CHRIS = California Historical Resources Information System

CLG = Certified Local Government

CNDDB = California Natural Diversity Database

CNEL = Community Noise Equivalent Level

CNPS = California Native Plant Society

CO = Carbon Monoxide

CO2 = Carbon Dioxide

CO2e CO2 = Equivalents

COA = Coordinated Operation Agreement (USBR/DWR)

CORE = Coalition on Regional Equality

CPR = Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation

CPTED = Crime Prevention through Environmental Design

CPUC = California Public Utilities Commission

CRB = Colorado River Board

CRHR = California Register of Historical Resources

CSC = California Species of Special Concern

CSCGF = Central Sacramento County Groundwater Forum

CSCGMP = Central Sacramento County Groundwater Management Plan

CSO = Combined Sewer Overflow

CSS = Combined Sewer System

CUP = Conditional Use Permit

CUPA = Certified Unified Program Agency

CUWCC = California Urban Water Conservation Council

CVFMP = Central Valley Flood Management Planning

CVFPP = Central Valley Flood Protection Plan

CVHJV = Central Valley Habitat Joint Venture

CVP = Central Valley Project

CVPIA = Central Valley Project Improvement Act

CVRWQCB = Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board

CWA = Clean Water Act or California Waterfowl Association

D-1485 = State Water Resources Control Board Water Right Decision 1485

DB = Digital Billboard

dBA = Decibels A-Weighted

DCC = Delta Cross Channel

DEIR = Draft Environmental Impact Report

DEIS = Draft Environmental Impact Statement

DFA = California Department of Food and Agriculture

DFG = California Department of Fish and Game

DHS = Department of Health Services

DMC = Delta-Mendota Canal

DMM = Demand Mitigation Measures

DNL = Day-Night Average Sound Level

DOC = California Department of Conservation

DOF = Department of Finance

DOT = Department of Transportation

DPM = Diesel Particulate Matter

DPP = Downtown Plaza Properties

DPR = Department of Parks and Recreation or Department of Pesticide Regulation

DRERIP = Delta Regional Ecosystem Restoration Implementation Plan

DRMS = Delta Risk Management Strategy

DROs = Diesel-Range Organics

DTSC = Department of Toxic Substances Control

DWR = California Department of Water Resources

DWRSIM = DWR’s Operations Model for SWP/CVP System

EBMUD = East Bay Municipal Utility District

EC = Electrical Conductivity

EDF = Environmental Defense Fund

EIR = Environmental Impact Report

EIS = Environmental Impact Statement or Environmental Impact Study

ELI = Extremely Low Income

EMD = Environmental Management Department

EMS = Emergency Medical Services

EPA = Environmental Protection Agency

ERM = Effective Risk Management

ERN = Exclusive Right to Negotiate

ERP = Ecosystem Restoration Program or Plan

ESA = Endangered Species Act

ESC = Entertainment and Sports Center

ESL = Environmental Screening Levels

ET = Evapotranspiration

EWA = Environmental Water Account

FAA = Federal Aviation Administration

FACA = Federal Advisory Committee Act

FAR = Floor Area Ratios

FCAA = Federal Clean Air Act

FCAAA = Federal Clean Air Act Amendments

FED = Federal Ecosystem Directorate (CALFED)

FEMA = Federal Emergency Management Agency

FERC = Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

FESA = Federal Endangered Species Act

FGC = Fish and Game Code

FHWA = Federal Highway Administration

FIP = Federal Implementation Plan

FIRM = Flood Insurance Rate Maps

FTDCCSDFF = Frank’s Tract Delta Cross Channel South Delta Fish Facilities Workgroup

FWTP = Fairbairn Water Treatment Plant

FY = Fiscal Year

GBV = Ground-Borne Vibration

GCID = Glenn-Colusa Irrigation District

GGS = Giant Garter Snake

GHG = Greenhouse Gas

GIS = Geographic Information System

GIS = Geographic Information Systems

GMP = Groundwater Management Plan

GO = General Obligation

GPM = Gallons Per Minute

GVW = Gross Vehicle Weight

GWP = Global Warming Potential

HAPs = Hazardous Air Pollutants

HC = Highway Commercial

HCD = Housing and Community Development

HCP = Habitat Conservation Plan

HCR = Historic and Cultural Resources

HFC = Hydrofluorocarbon

HMP = Hazardous Materials Business Plan

HR = House Resolution

HRA = Health Risk Assessment

HUD = Department of Housing and Urban Development

HVAC = Heating, Ventilation, & Air Conditioning

HWCL = Hazardous Waste Control Law

I-5 = Interstate 5

I-80 = Interstate 80

IDSP = In-Delta Storage Project

IEP = Interagency Ecological Program

IPCC = International Panel on Climate Change

IRP = Integrated Resources Planning

IRWM = Integrated Regional Water Management

ISB = Independent Science Board

ISDP = Interim South Delta Program

ISSS = In Situ Soil Solidification/Stabilization

JPA = Joint Powers Authority

kWh = Kilowatt hour

LAFCo= Local Agency Formation Commission

LBG = Los Banos Grandes

LCFS = Low Carbon Fuel Standard

LED = Light Emitting Diodes

LEDPA = Least Environmentally Damaging Program Alternative

LEED = Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design

LOS = Level of Service

LRT = Light Rail Trains

LUST = Leaking Underground Storage Tank

LVRE = Los Vaqueros Reservoir Expansion

LVW = Loaded Vehicle Weight

M = Meter

M&I = Municipal & industrial

MAF = Million Acre-Feet

MAWA = Maximum Applied Water Allowance

MBTA = Migratory Bird Treaty Act

MCL = Maximum Contaminant Levels

Mg/L = Milligrams per Liter

MGD = Million Gallons per Day

MGP = Manufactured Gas Plan

MMRP = Mitigation Monitoring and Reporting Plan

MOS = Minimum Operable Segment (rail transit construction planning)

MOU = Memorandum of Understanding

MPO = Metropolitan Planning Organization

MS4 = Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System

MSCS = Multi-Species Conservation Strategy

MSW = Municipal Solid Waste

MTBE = Methyl Tertiary Butyl Ether

MTP = Metropolitan Transportation Plan

MTP/SCS = Metropolitan Transportation Plan/Sustainable Communities Strategy

MUD = Municipal Utility District

mW = Megawatt

MWD = Municipal Water District or Metropolitan Water District of Southern California

MWELO = Model Water Efficient Landscape Ordinance

N2O = Nitrous Oxide

NAAQS = National Ambient Air Quality Standard

NAHC = Native American Heritage Commission

NCCP = Natural Communities Conservation Plan

NCIC = North Central Information Center

NED = National economic development (plan)

NEPA = National Environmental Policy Act

NESHAPs = National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants

NFIP = National Flood Insurance Program

NGO = Non-governmental organization

NHL = National Hockey League

NHPA = National Historic Preservation Act

NIDCD = National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders

NIMBY = Not in My Backyard

NMC = Nine Minimum Controls

NO2 = Nitrogen Dioxide

NODOS = North of Delta Off-Stream Storage

NOI = Notice of Intent

NOP = Notice of Preparation

NOx = Nitrogen Oxides

NOxe = Equivalent Oxides of Nitrogen

NPDES = National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System

NPPA = California Native Plant Protection Act

NRCS = Natural Resources Conservation Service

NRDP = Natural Resource Defense Council

NRHP = National Register of Historic Places

NWR = National Wildlife Refuge

O&M = Operations and maintenance

OCAP = Operations Criteria and Plan

OEHHA = Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment

OHP = Office of Historic Preservation

OPR = Office of Planning and Research

OROs = oil-range organics

OSHA = Occupation Safety and Health Administration

PAH = Polynuclear Aromatic Hydrocarbons

PBID = Property Based Improvement District

PCB = Polychlorinated Biphenyl

PDC = Planning and Development Code

PEIR = Programmatic Environmental Impact Report

PEIS = Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement

PFC = perfluorocarbon

PG&E = Pacific Gas and Electric Company

PHS = public health and safety

PL = Public Law

PLA = Project Labor Agreement

PM10 = particles less than 10 microns in diameter

PM2 = particles less than 2.5 microns in diameter

POU = publicly owned utilities

ppb = Parts per billion

PPV = peak particle velocity

PRC = Public Resources Code

PRMP = Parks and Recreation Master Plan

PROSIM = USBR’s operations model for the CVP/SWP

PSA = purveyor specific agreement

psi = Pounds per square inch

PSP = Proposal Solicitation Package

PSR = Property Survey Report

PUC = Public utility commission

PUD = Planned Unit Development or Public Utility District

PVC = polyvinyl chloride

RAP = Remedial Action Plan

RASA = Redevelopment Agency Successor Agency

RBDD = Red Bluff Diversion Dam

RCD = Resource conservation district

RCNM = Roadway Construction Noise Model

RCP = Reenforced Concrete Pipe

RCRA = Resource Conservation and Recovery Act

RD = Reclamation district

REA = Registered Environmental Assessor

REGIS = Research Program in Environmental Planning and Geographic Information Systems

RFQ = request for qualifications

RHNP = Regional Housing Needs Plan

RMS = root mean square

RO = Reverse osmosis

ROD = Record of Decision

ROG = reactive organic gases

RPS = Renewable Portfolio Standard

RT = Regional Transit

RTP = Regional Transportation Plan

RWQCB = Regional Water Quality Control Board

RWQCB = Regional Water Quality Control Board

SAB = State Allocation Board

SACOG = Sacramento Area Council of Governments

SacRT = Sacramento Regional Transit

SAFCA = Sacramento Area Flood Control Agency

SARA = Save the American River

SB = Senate Bill

SB-34 = Delta Flood Protection Act of 1988

SCCWRRS = Southern California comprehensive water reclamation and reuse study

SCDEM = Sacramento County Department of Environmental Management

SCEMD = Sacramento County Environmental Management Department

SCH = State Clearing House

SCRSD = City Department of Utilities

SCS = Sustainable Communities Strategy

SCUSD = Sacramento City Unified School District

SDIP = South Delta Improvements Program

SDWA = South Delta Water Agency

SEIS = Supplemental environmental impact statement

SFD = Sacramento Fire Department

SFEP = San Francisco Estuary Project

SFPUC = San Francisco Public Utility Commission

SGA = Sacramento Groundwater Authority

SHA = Sacramento Housing Alliance

SHRA = Sacramento Housing and Redevelopment Agency

SIP = State Implementation Plan

SITF = Sacramento Intermodal Transportation Facility

SJRMP = San Joaquin River Management Plan (or Program)

SLC = San Luis Canal

SLD = San Luis Drain

SLWRI = Shasta Lake Water Resources Investigation

SMAQMD = Sacramento Metropolitan Air Quality Management District

SMARA = Surface Mining and Reclamation Act

SMPA = Suisun Marsh Preservation Agreement

SMUD = Sacramento Municipal Utility District

SOI = Standards Secretary of Interior’s Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties OR Sphere of Influence (check if valid)

SPCP = Spill Prevention and Control Program

SPD = Sacramento Planning and Development

SPTCo = Southern Pacific Transportation Company

SQG = Small Quantity Generators

SQIP = Stormwater Quality Improvement Plan

SR = State Route

SR 99 = State Route 99

SRA = Sacramento Redevelopment Agency

SRCSD = Sacramento Regional County Sanitation District

SRFCP = Sacramento River Flood Control Project

SRO = Single Resident Occupancy

SRWRS = Sacramento River Water Reliability Study

SRWWTP = Sacramento Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant

SSBMI = Shingle Springs Band of Miwok Indians

STLC = Soluble Threshold Limit Concentration

SVAB = Sacramento Valley Air Basin

SVOC = Semi Volitle Organic Compound

SVP = Society of Vertebrate Paleontology

SWA = Sacramento Regional Solid Waste Authority

SWP = State Water Project

SWPP = Source water protection program or supplemental water purchase program

SWPPP = Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan

SWRCB = State Water Resources Control Board

TAC = Toxic Air Contaminants

TAF = Thousand acre-feet

TC = Transportation Corridor

TCD = Temperature control device

TCE = Trichloroethylene

TCO = Traffic Control Officer

TCPs = Traditional Cultural Properties

TDF = Through-Delta Facility

TDS = Total dissolved solids

THM = Trihalomethane

TMA = Transportation Management Association

TMC = Transportation Management Center

TMP = Transportation Management Plan

TOC = Total organic carbon

TPH = Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons

TPZ = Tree Protection Zone

TSCA = Toxic Substance Control Act

UAIC = United Auburn Indian Community

UARP = Upper American River Project

UC = University of California

UC = University of California

UCD = University of California, Davis

UFC = Uniform Fire Code

UP = Union Pacific

UPRR = Union Pacific Railroad

US 50 = United States Route 50

US EPA = United States Environmental Protection Agency

USACE = United States Army Corp of Engineers

USACE = US Army Corps of Engineers

USBLM = U.S. Bureau of Land Management

USBR = US Bureau of Reclamation

USDOE = U.S. Department of Energy

USDOI = U.S. Department of the Interior

USEPA = US Environmental Protection Agency

USF = University of San Francisco

USFS = US Forest Service

USFWS = United States Fish and Wildlife Service

USGBC = United States Green Building Council

USGS = United States Geological Survey

USJRBSI = Upper San Joaquin River Basin Storage Investigation

USNMFS = U.S. National Marine Fisheries Service

USNOAA = U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

USTs = Underground Storage Of Hazardous Substances

UV = Ultraviolet

UWMP = Urban Water Management Plan

VAMP = Vernalis Adaptive Management Plan

VCP = Vitrified Clay Pipe

VMT = Vehicle-Miles Travelled

VOC = Volatile Organic Compound(s)

WFA = Water Forum Agreement

WMI = Watershed Management Initiative

WQCP = Water Quality Control Plan

WQF = Water Quality Flow

WR 95-6 = SWRCB Order WR 95-6

WSA = Water Supply Assessment

WTP = Water Treatment Plant

WUE = Water Use Efficiency

WWD = Westlands Water District