Chair:  Ted Rauh, tnrauh[at]att[dot]net

The Water Committee focuses on water related issues that affect the region’s ground and surface water resources, including impacts from regional growth and climate change including increased drought and flood risks, changes in snowpack, poorer water quality, higher water temperatures, changes in surface water flow rates, availability of water for groundwater pumping, and surface water diversions, and the appropriate conjunctive use of ground and surface waters for both human and environmental beneficial uses. The Committee pushes for improved forecasting of water supply and demand, improved water demand management, and the long-term adequacy of water supply as a key approval threshold for future large scale development projects.

The Committee works to accomplish these objectives by participating in the Water Forum and current efforts to update and reaffirm the Water Forum Agreement. The Committee monitors and, when appropriate, participates in water purveyor and local agency water planning and management efforts and actions including local government Climate Action and General Planning efforts. Recent Committee Actions: The Water Forum Update, recent comment lettersGroundwater Sustainability Plans.

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