Transportation, Air Quality & Climate Change Committee (TAQCC)

ECOS’ Transportation, Air Quality & Climate Change (TAQCC) Committee meets at 6 p.m. on on the first Thursday of each month, in the conference room at Mogavero Associates, 1331 T Street, Sacramento CA, 95811. Please check with the TAQCC Committee Co-chairs ahead of time to confirm meeting.

All who are interested are welcome to attend! Check for past and upcoming meeting topics in the TAQCC Committee’s current agendas and minutes (link below).

The Transportation, Air Quality & Climate Change Committee supports policies and projects that:

  • provide all residents of the Sacramento region with pedestrian, bicycle and transit access to jobs, schools, shopping, services and recreation
  • provide adequate and efficient goods movement and support the provision of local goods and services over those requiring long distance transport
  • protect and strengthen local communities, towns and urban centers from the corrosive effects of traffic while promoting equity and opportunity for all residents
  • minimize impacts on and use of the land, air and water
  • minimize the consumption of limited resources and reduce pollution and noise
  • encourage land uses that minimize travel requirements
  • eliminate transportation subsidies which handicap achievement of the above goals
  • ensure vigorous and effective public participation in transportation planning

See ECOS’ 50-year Transportation Vision for the Sacramento Area for some of our past ideas for our region, many of which have since come to fruition! 

Click here to view our board of directors, including the chair(s) of this committee.

TAQCC Committee Agendas & Minutes

TAQCC Committee Resources & Meeting Materials

2018 TAQCC Accomplishments

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