Trees for Sacramento

Trees for Sacramento: We are a core group of tree advocates and champions of neighborhood quality of life and sustainability. Trees for Sacramento advocates for sustaining tree canopy in Sacramento County in the face of the “remove and replace” policy local governments now apply. We want to see a network of like-minded tree advocate in all areas of the County that will resist unnecessary tree removals and advocate on behalf of canopy increase.

The TFS Recommendations:

  • Emphasize the link between preserving and enhancing our tree canopy and fighting the effects of climate change
  • Require cities and county to take proactive steps to equitably bring canopy into all our neighborhoods
  • Change the rules for tree removal to encourage preservation of existing tree canopy
  • Call for cities to incorporate wherever possible existing trees into new development
  • Call for cities to require all new development to set aside enough space to support a vibrant tree canopy
  • Urge the cities to raise the profile of the urban forestry departments to the public, to the development community, and within city organizations
  • Require transparency and accountability in urban forest financing and staffing, including annual reporting and publicly available budgets.

Contact us at trees4sacto[at]gmail[dot]net. For City of Sacramento issues, phone contact is 916-716-3102. For other cities and County of Sacramento, phone contact is 916-769-2857.

Visit the Trees for Sacramento Facebook page at