California Heartland Project


The California Heartland Project

In response to neglect that the many natural treasures of the Sacramento Valley have received, Habitat 2020 has developed the California Heartland Project, a comprehensive conservation plan for the Sacramento region.

Our Vision

A future where nationally and internationally significant natural habitats and wildlife-friendly agricultural lands of the Sacramento Region’s Heartland – vernal pools, California prairie, riparian forests, freshwater marshes, oak savanna, and chaparral – are protected, connected, and conserved.

Photo by Ron Maertz
Photo by Ron Maertz

Our Mission

The California Heartland Project seeks to create a connected network of parks, preserves, and conservation easements on working farms and ranches – creating access to open space for education and recreation, protecting the unique biological diversity found in the Sacramento Valley, and conserving our agricultural heritage: to spread our vision; to identify, protect, and connect our natural treasures; to seek the means and mechanism to implement the vision; and to promote cooperation and coordination of local governments, organizations, and the public.

View the Habitat 2020 Vision Map (PDF).

Stay tuned for upcoming new maps and GIS resources for the entire six county region.