Habitat 2020 Committee

Preserving our Natural and Agricultural Legacy

Habitat 2020 is ECOS’ Habitat & Conservation committee. Habitat 2020 is a coalition that works to protect the lands, waters, wildlife and native plants in the Sacramento region. The great Central Valley of California has been identified by the World Wildlife Fund as one of North America’s most endangered eco-regions. Preserving its remaining open space and agricultural land is essential for sustaining native plants and wildlife, and ensuring a high quality of life for ourselves and future generations. 

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The California Heartland Project

In response to neglect that the many natural treasures of the Sacramento Valley have received, Habitat 2020 has developed the California Heartland Project, a comprehensive conservation plan for the Sacramento region. Click here to learn more.


ECOS is the 501 c(3) fiscal agent of Habitat 2020.

Donations can be made directly to Habitat 2020.

Payable to: Habitat 2020

Address: Habitat 2020
c/o Environmental Council of Sacramento
PO Box 1526, Sacramento CA, 95812

All donations are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.

Click here to view our board of directors, including the chair(s) of this committee.


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