Thank you to our Sacramento Earth Day Sponsors!!

  • The EV Transition in Sacramento – Obstacles and Opportunities 5/31
    How do EVs fit into overall climate action to reduce carbon emissions? Is there a build-out plan for EV charging infrastructure? Who sets the price of electricity at the charger? How will people with lower incomes transition to EVs? […]
  • ECOS Comments on City of Sacramento Groundwater Master Plan Well Replacement Program (DEIR)
    On May 25, 2023, ECOS submitted a letter of our Comments on the Draft Environmental Impact Report, City of Sacramento Groundwater Master Plan Well Replacement Program (DEIR). […]
  • Elemental: Reimagine Wildfire 5/31
    Don’t miss a special screening of Elemental: Reimagine Wildfire, a film that invites you to reimagine your relationship with wildfire through the eyes of top scientists and indigenous fire managers who are leading the way toward living with this essential element. […]
  • ECOS Transportation Team Meeting 6/1
    Featuring two presentations in June: 1) I Street Bridge Replacement Project: What this bridge can deliver for Local and Regional Mobility (Presentation by Greg Taylor from the City of Sacramento); and 2) Streets for People: Sacramento Active Transportation Plan (Presentation by Jeff Jelsma from the City of Sacramento). […]
  • City of Sacramento Draft 2040 General Plan and Climate Action & Adaptation Plan
    The City of Sacramento is currently updating the Sacramento Climate Action Plan, and integrating an Adaptation Chapter and a Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment, in tandem with the 2040 General Plan Update process. […]

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