Spotlight: Barbara Leary

When Barbara Leary moved to Folsom 30 years ago as a nurse practitioner, she saw the connection between the environment’s health and human health, and became an involved citizen. Barbara organized neighborhood voices, successfully advocating for traffic safety, walkability, and trees. Barbara has served in leadership positions on the Parks and Recreation Commission, the Arts and Cultural Commission, the Planning Commission, and serves on a committee working to create a master plan for Folsom’s River District.

Here are some of her successes in protecting Folsom’s cultural heritage and natural environment:

  • City parks named in honor of Native Americans and historical figures
  • Limiting Folsom Boulevard and the Lake Natoma Crossing to four lanes (not six)
  • Preservation of the Natoma Ground Sluice Diggings site and its Blue Oak woodlands
  • Acquisition of the Chan House, to become the Chinese Heritage Museum
  • Work through “Trail Days” to create Folsom’s outstanding trail system
  • Sponsoring “Community Service Days” that led to projects such as a wildlife viewing platform

In 2014, Barbara became Chair of the Sierra Club’s Sacramento Group. The Group has worked with the County and City of Sacramento in the development of their Climate Action Plans, with SMUD in its development of a 2030 Zero Carbon Plan, and with SacRT to support public transportation. The Group has supported preservation of the American River Parkway, and helped stop the poorly conceived transportation Measure A from passing in 2022.

Barbara Leary has been a force in making Folsom a place that we all can enjoy. Now retired, she has announced her candidacy for Folsom City Council. She wants to continue to support Folsom in a community-led, sustainable fashion, ensuring that we take care of our existing community, conserve valuable resources, and preserve natural areas under threat from continued greenfield development. “Folsom stands at a crossroads, and we need leadership that can preserve our heritage while steering us towards a future that offers prosperity and security for all our citizens,” said Barbara. “I am ready to continue my service to Folsom by representing District 4 and working collaboratively to address our challenges.”

To contact Barbara: barbaraleary[at]comcast[dot]net

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