ECOS Letter re City of Sacramento Draft Climate Action & Adaptation Plan

On August 23, 2023, ECOS submitted a letter regarding the City of Sacramento Draft Climate Action & Adaptation Plan.

Our main comments are as follows:

  • The Plan should be upfront about its financial cost and clearly prioritize City actions according to cost-effectiveness in terms of emissions reductions per dollar.
  • The Plan should address funding for underground infrastructure needed for infill development.
  • The Plan should commit to preserving the Sacramento County Urban Services Boundary, which was put into place in 1993 to prevent greenfield development.

You can view our complete comments in our letter. Click here to read the letter.

We look forward to engaging with the City of Sacramento as the Climate Action & Adaptation Plan advances, in order to help make this plan the best as it can be for the present and future residents of the City of Sacramento.

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