Infill Considerations

A bit of private outdoor space: It’s essential to living well, and the newly opened Salvator on Arden Way in North Sacramento, provides it.

In this 120-unit community by developer Community Housing Works and Mogavero Architects, the balconies are generous. They will serve as outdoor rooms – places to escape, to think, feel the breeze, and take in a bit of nature.

As Arden Way is on the list for an infrastructure upgrade that will tear up the street, we can hope and advocate for the City to put the driving lanes on a “road diet” so that walkers, cyclists and especially trees can have more of the real estate.

This will give the balconies at the Salvator an even better connection to passers-by, as well as shade from larger trees to filter dust and particulates.

Green Means Go: The infrastructure upgrades along Arden Way are part of the City’s Green Zones. In a Sacramento Area Council of Governments (SACOG) program called Green Means Go, Green Zones have been identified by each jurisdiction as suitable for infill development, near transit, and in need of infrastructure improvement to enable new development.

The capacity improvements will be made to water, storm, and waste lines to “activate” nearby parcels, meaning, make them ready for a developer to do their work.

Inadequate infrastructure has been identified by SACOG and 26 of the 28 jurisdictions in the region as a major block to the re-development of centers, corridors, and established communities, so needed to accommodate our growing population.

The map below shows Green Zones identified by the City of Sacramento. For more information, see

For more information on the Salvator, see the recent Sac Bee article

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