Historic Climate Bills That Benefit You

By Edith Thacher, Lead, Citizens’ Climate Lobby Sacramento

In August 2022, $584 billion dollars for the climate passed in the 117th Congress. This comes from three pieces of legislation: the CHIPS and Science Act, the Infrastructure and Jobs Act, plus the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA).  These are the most significant investments in climate action the US has ever taken.

Taken together, the bills will reduce US greenhouse gas emissions, by 2030, to 40% compared to our emission levels in 2005.  President Biden’s goal is to achieve a 50% reduction in that time frame.

The IRA provides a range of incentives to consumers to electrify their homes and vehicles. The incentives are in the form of both tax credits and rebates and will be available for ten years.  It also provides funding for other climate actions such as paying utilities to go green, paying to reduce methane leakage, and grants for states, metropolitan areas and non-profits. 

There are also funds to help individuals. Learn about the IRA incentives to electrify your home, by using the calculator created by Rewiring America.  To learn about incentives for electric vehicles see Plug Star.

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