Big Oil Resistance Tour in Sacramento 5/13

Big Oil bullies are ripping off Californians, polluting our air and water, poisoning our communities, and setting us on a path toward climate destruction.

Oil and gas companies just spent over $20 million to put a lifesaving environmental justice law on hold, and that’s on top of the millions they funnel into lobbying here in Sacramento every year to block climate progress.

It’s time for the Big Oil Resistance to fight back. Get your tickets today!

Governor Newsom is talking tough on Big Oil and trying to stop them from fleecing us at the gas pump. But, we need him to truly move California beyond fossil fuels once and for all – by ending neighborhood drilling and halting all new fossil fuel permits.

To get the Governor to act, we need to build our movement’s power.

That’s why the Last Chance Alliance – representing 900+ community, environmental, and public health organizations worldwide – is hitting the road for a 7-stop statewide tour through Los Angeles (Apr 28), Ventura (Apr 29), Santa Barbara (Apr 30), San Diego (May 6), Kern County (May 7), Oakland (May 12), and Sacramento (May 13)!

Our Sacramento event will feature…

  • Community leader Cesar Aguirre (CCEJN) from the frontlines of oil & gas extraction and refining in Kern County
  • Sacramento area climate leaders, including Tanda Bluebear (Women With Bows), Supriya Patel (Fridays for Future), and Katie Valenzuela (City Council, District 4)
  • Urgent local organizing opportunities
  • And, longtime activist, author, and co-founder of organizations like and Third Act…Bill McKibben!

Where: The Colonial Theatre, 3522 Stockton Blvd, Sacramento
When: Saturday, May 13th, 2023
Doors Open: 5pm | Event: 6-8pm

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