ECOS Water Committee Issues List

March 2023

Here is a list of regional water issues. Click here to view the responses of the ECOS Water Committee.

Regional Long Term Water Issues

  1. Regional hydrology
  2. Regional water supply reliability
  3. American River health

General Activities of the ECOS Water Committee

  1. Water Forum participation
  2. Groundwater sustainability planning
  3. Folsom Reservoir operations
  4. Urban Water Management Planning (UWMP)
  5. Climate Action Planning (CAP)

Near Term Committee Priorities and Issues

  1. Completing Water Forum 2 negotiations
  2. Regional water planning and groundwater management coordination
  3. Local Native Plants as a climate adaptation and water conservation strategy
  4. Federally Authorized Regional Groundwater Bank development
  5. Groundwater Sustainability Plan annual reports
  6. Operations of Folsom Reservoir
  7. Flood Control and SAFCA’s excess storm water management projects
  8. Use of the Folsom South Canal for groundwater recharge
  9. Cosumnes Subbasin overdraft condition
  10. Looking for multibenefit projects and funding sources to address the Cosumnes Subbasin overdraft condition
  11. Regional Conjunctive Use
  12. Monitoring New Water Supply Projects
  13. Demand Management 
  14. Equitable Rates and Social Justice
  15. Water Rights Transfers Outside of the Region
  16. Water Issues Related to Habitat

Click here to learn more about the ECOS Water Committee.

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