Farm-to-Fork Programs Build Neighbrohood Links

By Gabrielle Myers | January 2023 | Inside Sacramento | Photo by Aniko Kiezel

Check out this article about the community garden Oak Park Sol, and the involvement of longtime ECOS Board Member and Volunteer, Earl Withycombe!

Relationships distinguish the farm-to-fork movement. While farmer-to-chef seems like the obvious partnership, one joy I get from this column is digging beneath the surface to see a myriad other relationships that bring food to our tables and connections to our neighborhoods.

Researching last month’s column on the city’s Urban Agriculture Incentive Zone Program, I met Earl Withycombe, a landowner, community activist and incentive zone pioneer.

He told me how as a landowner he collaborated with city officials to help develop the zone program and work out details so other landowners might benefit.


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