City of Sacramento launches new custom energy modeling platform Xerohome

Xerohome is a free platform available to residents of single-family homes in the City of Sacramento. Folks can visit and type in their address. The tool will then show you the carbon footprint of your home, and a breakdown of how your home is using energy. Users can add additional information to make the model “smarter,” and then choose from a menu of upgrades such as a heat pump hot water heater or heat pump HVAC and see the estimated costs, available rebates, and projected utility bill savings. It’s a user-friendly way for people to understand what electrification could mean for their individual home. The results are really encouraging here in Sacramento—100 % of single family homes are projected to see utility bill savings with electrification.

If people are interested in checking out the tool but don’t live in a single family home within the City limits, they can use the address 222 Demo street to try it out.

The City of Sacramento will also be holding two virtual workshops focused on their Existing Building Electrification Strategy—one on 3/1 focused on Residential buildings, and one on 3/8 focused on commercial. Registration links can be found on the project webpage.

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