Join us Thursday Jun 9 at 6 pm for ECOS Climate Committee

What local jurisdictions can do about climate change

Featuring Dr. Alberto Ayala, Director of Sacramento’s Air Quality District


6:00: Welcome and Introductions

6:10: Alberto Ayala, Director of Sacramento’s Air Quality District, will discuss clean air & climate actions.
Alberto Ayala is the Executive Officer of the Sacramento Metropolitan Air Quality Management District (AQMD), and former Deputy Executive Officer of the California Air Resources Board. Last month, Alberto noted that we are making progress in tackling air and climate pollution, although climate change has exacerbated nearby wildfires and smoke.

The AQMD has been active in several efforts to reduce air pollution — that also reduce our climate change impact. Whether or not we see good Climate Action Plans this summer from Sacramento City and County, these efforts show that local jurisdictions can do a lot to deal with climate change:
• Cool Roofs, Walls, and Pavements
• Trees and Vegetation
• Zero-Emission Vehicles, and Charging Stations
• Solar Photovoltaic Parking Lots
• Infill Development
• Climate Resilience for Under-Served Communities; especially Trees!

Alberto will also discuss health impacts of near-road pollution on under-served communities, and what we’re doing.
[See Alberto’s recent Sactown Magazine interview:]

6:50 Transportation Team Report
John Deeter, Team Chair

7:00: Land Use Committee Report

7:10: Green Building Committee Report

7:20: Transportation Measure for November Ballot & SACOG
7:30: Climate Action Plans

7:45: Adjourn

Click here for the agenda in PDF.

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