Folsom, what are you doing?

By Tony Bizjak, Dale Kasler, and Phillip Reese | July 18, 2021 | The Sacramento Bee

As ECOS has been trying to raise attention about for years, Folsom doesn’t have the water supply it needs to add as many residents as it is with new housing developments.

The increasingly dire situation has rekindled a simmering debate about one of the Sacramento area’s fastest-growing suburbs: Are Folsom’s lofty growth ambitions putting residents at risk of becoming water poor as climate change reduces the region’s already tight water supply?

Folsom has added roughly 9,000 residents in the last six years. And California’s latest drought arrives as the city is in the early stages of building a subdivision that some day will include 11,000 homes: Folsom Ranch south of Highway 50. State officials have already questioned the city’s ability to supply that development.

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