Del Paso Regional Park/Renfree Field Update, May 2016

May 3, 2016
To those concerned about Renfree Baseball Field and adjacent parkland beside it in Del Paso Regional Park:

There will be a public meeting Wednesday, May 11 at 5 pm, with city park personnel and SIBA representatives that will affect the future of this area.  The meeting will be held at the Sacramento Horsemen’s Association, 3200 Longview Dr, Sacramento, CA 95821.  Please share this with those who are interested in baseball, and with those who are interested in the natural area within the City of Sacramento’s largest regional park.

On December 16, 2014 the city council made an agreement with SIBA (Sacramento International Baseball Assoc) to renovate Renfree Field which opened the door to sell a portion of Del Paso Regional Park adjacent to the nature area.  There have been many delays, but we hope to hear more about the agreement and the project at this May 11 meeting.  The meeting will present the proposed rehabilitation of the Renfree baseball field, which everyone supports, but there is concern that a clause in the agreement allows the city to sell not only the baseball field, but considerable acreage of currently undeveloped natural area adjacent to it.  There is also concern that the renovation will allow for a ten fold increase in the viewers from the former 300 to a proposed 3000 viewers.

The flyer below from the city was sent to be shared with all.  It has information about the meeting.  We look forward to learning more about this project.  This may also be a time to express opposition to language in the agreement allowing this city park land to be sold.  This has been shared by one of many concerned residents.

renfree flyer
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