Sacramento Earth Day

Welcome to Sacramento Earth Day 2024!

Sacramento Earth Day is the largest Earth Day celebration in the Sacramento region. Join us on April 21, 2024 at Southside Park in Sacramento, for a free, family-friendly event, with opportunities to learn and network about sustainability. We will have 150 exhibitors and vendors, and hundreds of attendees.

We’re featuring these BUILD GREEN concepts at Sacramento Earth Day — education, climate, water, and habitat. What’s your connection to BUILD GREEN? We want to inspire action and advocacy to move our region toward sustainability.

Sustainability Education
  • How you live, move, work, and eat can help to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Become more aware of the impacts of extreme heat and flooding and what to do about them.
  • Also learn about building your own green network, and what education is required for green jobs.
  • Financial investing in renewables, and generally, sustainability.
  • How transportation and development patterns and what we do in our homes can help the region reduce climate impacts now and in the future.
  • Also learn about transit, affordable housing, renewable energy, carbon-zero buildings.
Water & Habitat
  • What we do regionally, locally, and in our homes can help to ensure water sustainability and preserve biodiversity.
  • Also learn about agricultural practices and food, natural park planning in cities, and use of native plants in the city and in home gardens.

ECOS has hosted Sacramento Earth Day since 2006. Let’s use the 2024 Sacramento Earth Day to network and share policies, practices, products, and most of all, community! Sacramento Earth Day is a great day for people of all ages. It’s a party!

In 2023, our theme was GROW NATIVE to increase awareness of native plants and how to expand their use in our region — in city streetscapes and home landscapes. We learned from policy exhibitors and plant vendors how native plants withstand drought and heat conditions, use little water, provide a beneficial habitat to insects, pollinators, birds, and animals, and create sustainable, cool, and shady streetscapes, as well as beautiful home landscapes.

Food & Mood in 2024


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Food Vendors

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Please check this page regularly for updates as Sacramento Earth Day draws nearer.

Please note that if you attend this event your photo, or video of you, may be taken and used by ECOS for promotional purposes.