Sacramento Earth Day

Sunday, April 23, 2017, 11:00am – 4:00pm @ Southside Park in Sacramento

Live Music  |  Kids’ Area  |  Plant-Based Cuisine  |  Environmental Education  |  Artisan Wares  |  Nonprofit Organizations  |  Environmentally-Protective Products  |  Community-Building  |  Local Art |  Bicycle Valet Parking  |  Picnic Area 

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Click on the image above to open a PDF of the poster for printing to hang in community spaces (however, please keep the environment in mind and keep printing to a minimum).

Join Us!

The Environmental Council of Sacramento (ECOS) will once again host Sacramento Earth Day! Held in Southside Park on Sunday, April 23, 2017, from 11:00am – 4:00pm, this year the theme is Environmental and Climate Literacy. Around 150 organizations and businesses will be exhibiting a vast array of practical information, goods and services that cultivate a healthier and more sustainable way of living. Attend Sacramento Earth Day to enjoy live music, local artists, delicious plant-based cuisine, educational opportunities for the whole family. Admission is free and we usually see thousands of attendees coming and going throughout the day. This is truly a community event and is the largest Earth Day celebration in the Sacramento region. 

Click here to check out some of the registered booths that will be featured at Sacramento Earth Day this year!

Earth Day 2017: Environmental & Climate Literacy

This year ECOS has chosen to align the theme for Sacramento Earth Day with that of the national Earth Day Network, in light of the fact that we as a country face new environmental challenges, and need to unite to fight them

Education is the foundation for progress. We need to build a global citizenry fluent in the concepts of climate change and aware of its unprecedented threat to our planet. We need to empower everyone with the knowledge to inspire action in defense of environmental protection.

Environmental and climate literacy is the engine not only for creating green voters and advancing environmental and climate laws and policies, but also for accelerating green technologies and jobs.

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Sacramento Earth Day logo

sacramentoearthday_dana gray

The Sacramento Earth Day logo was created in 2008 by dana gray (, exclusively for the lasting benefit of Sacramento Earth Day, and it is copyrighted. If you wish to use it for a purpose consistent with the spirit and practice of celebrating Earth Day, or if you just like it, please honor its creator by sending a tax-exempt contribution to Sacramento Earth Day at ECOS, P.O. Box 1526, Sacramento CA 95812.

History of Earth Day

Sacramento, California

Kathy Reis started organizing Sacramento Earth Day events with volunteers in 1990 and onward. The Sierra Club took over the management of the event in 2000. The Environmental Council of Sacramento (ECOS) became the official organizer of Sacramento Earth Day in 2006.

Davis, California

U.C. Davis has held its own Earth Day since the first Earth Day on April 22, 1970.


History of Earth Day at Earth Day Network

The Earth Day story and Gaylord Nelson

Please check this page regularly for updates as Sacramento Earth Day draws nearer.

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