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ECOS has an environmental community calendar for you to browse! If you know of an event we should include, please let us know!

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Know Your Local Eco-Lingo!

Have you ever read an EIR? Do you know what CEQA is? How about an SCS or an MTP? You may have heard of Climate Change, but do you know what GHG stands for? ECOS wants to help you understand all of the eco-lingo! That's why we've compiled a list of environmental acronyms used in the Sacramento area. Check it out and keep it bookmarked for the next time you find yourself faced with a page full of environmental abbreviations!

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Our mission is to achieve regional and community sustainability and a healthy environment for existing and future residents.

By working proactively with our members, member organizations, local government, and community groups, ECOS will energize and bring positive change to the Sacramento region as we strive to develop thriving communities.

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